Yankkes hitting coach Dillon Lawson reveals his plans and tactics

New York Yankees batting coach Dillon Lawson spoke to MLB apparently guided by the slogan “Hit strikes hard” which he also explained “We chose this because we think it’s true to what really good baseball players do, but it’s also really easy for players to remember,” Lawson said Wednesday, as quoted by mlb. “If you take that layer off of one layer, it’s not so complicated.

When we swing, we want to swing on strikes. “When we swing on strikes, we are likely to make more contact. When we make more contact, we are likely to hit the ball harder. When we make hard contact, we’d like to hit him over the infield.

Sometimes we’d like to hit him over the outfield fence. It all works”.
He is happy for the opportunity he will have with such a solid team. “There’s a lot of things to be excited about and optimistic about,” Lawson said.

“We have an outstanding roster. As a hitting coach, we have monsters all over the lineup. It’s amazing to be able to work with these guys. In fact, we’re trying to keep their strengths, and any areas where we can improve — even just 1% — that’s going to make a big difference.”

Third Strike Coach

“I’m really confident in our ability to pull it off if a pitcher has to throw pitches over home plate,” Lawson said. A third hitting coach is still wanted and he particularly praised Aaron Boone
“Experience is important, but we have it in [Aaron] Boone,” Lawson said.

“Boonie did, and we have this piece. We interview candidates with a wide range of strengths. We’re not looking for some kind of cookie-cutter fit”. “I knew I had always wanted to coach.

I hadn’t really envisioned being the coach of the New York Yankees, the greatest sports franchise on Earth,” Lawson said. “I think I’m someone who puts my head down and tries to do a good job.”

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