YAIAA Baseball Coaches Name 2022 League All-Stars; players of the year

YAIAA baseball coaches have released their picks for league stars and player of the year.

All four divisions chose a Player of the Year and a Pitcher of the Year.

Here are those selections:

In Division IDallastown junior third baseman and pitcher Conner Barto was named Player of the Year and Southwest sophomore Carlos Caraballo was named Pitcher of the Year.

Barto hit .451 with .591 on-base percentage, five homers, nine doubles and 29 RBIs. He also went 3-0 with a .93 ERA and 47 strikeouts in 45 innings.

Caraballo went 5-3 with a 1.79 ERA and 52 strikeouts in 50 innings.

York High’s Jim Bray was named coach of the year. A longtime gym teacher at school, Bray agreed to coach the team shortly before the start of the season to give the Bearcats a chance to play. He was helped by Spanish-speaking assistants Christian Miranda and Roberto Vazquez. York High did not win any games, but received the division’s Sportsmanship Award.

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In Division IIGettysburg junior third baseman Bryce Rudisill was named player of the year and New Oxford senior Mason Weaver was named pitcher of the year.

Rudisill hit .413 with 26 hits, three homers, three triples, four doubles, 23 RBIs, 19 runs and seven stolen bases. Weaver went 5-2 with a 2.13 ERA and 60 strikeouts and just six walks in 49.1 innings pitched.

New Oxford’s Scott Anderson was named Coach of the Year for leading the Colonials to a 12-8 record and tied for the division title.

In Section IIISusquehannock junior outfielder Ben Koller was named player of the year while teammates junior Joe Smith and senior Logan Houser were named co-pitchers of the year.

Koller hit .456 with a .603 on-base percentage, 12 extra hits, 19 RBIs and 25 steals. Smith went 7-1 with 87 strikeouts and a 1.84 ERA. Houser went 8-1 with a 1.65 ERA and 62 strikeouts. Houser also threw two hits.

Susquehannock’s Joel Stoneberg was named coach of the year. He led the Warriors to a 21-6 season that included a league title, an undefeated division record, a third-place finish in Class 5A District 3, and an appearance in the state finals.

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In Division IVFairfield senior Cody Valentine was named player of the year while Delone Catholic senior Jake Sherdel was named pitcher of the year.

Valentine hit a .532 batting average with 13 stolen bases and 11 extra hits. As a pitcher, he went 5-1 with a 3.140 ERA and 34 strikeouts.

Sherdel was the ace of a Delone team that won a Class 2A District 3 title and reached the state semifinals. He went 6-0 with a 1.56 ERA and 65 strikeouts in districts.

Fairfield’s Dave Hazlett was named coach of the year for leading the Knights to a 14-5 record and a tie for the division title.

Here are the full star lists:

Premier League

Player of the Year: Conner Barto, Dallastown.

Launcher of the year: Carlos Caraballo, South West.

Pitchers: Jason Krieger, Red Lion; and Josh Marquard, Central York.

Seeker: Levi Loughry, South West.

Infielders: Steven Bautista, York High School; Connor Lawrence, Red Lion; Austin Long, Southwest; and Brandon Ritchey, Red Lion.

Voltigeurs: Brady Altland, Dallastown; Dominic Praydis, South West; and Owen Wilhide, North East.

Utility/DH: Addison Clymer, Central York.

Honorable Mention

Colin Ahr, Dallastown; Nate Toomey, Northeast; Camden Flinchbaugh, Dallastown; Brinden Floyd, North East; Tyler Dehoff, Central York; Quin Shindler, Northeast; Colin Dempsey, Central York; Jakob Shaffer, Red Lion.

Section II

Player of the Year: Bryce Rudisill, Gettysburg.

Launcher of the year: Mason Weaver, New Oxford.

Pitchers: Logan Mosely, Gettysburg; and Braden Manning, Gettysburg.

Seeker: Cam Gracey, Spring Grove.

Infielders: Adam Pascoe, New Oxford; Landon Bailey, Spring Grove; Tanner Rohrbaugh, Dover; and Ethan Fuhrman, Spring Grove.

Voltigeurs: Kolton Haifley, New Oxford; Aaron Smith, New Oxford; and Owen Sporer, Spring Grove.

Utility/DH: Chris Boone, Gettysburg; Nizeah Mummert, Spring Grove.

Honorable Mention

Eli Tome, Spring Grove; Ricky Peters, West York; and Cody Fuhrman, Gettysburg.

Section III

Player of the Year: Ben Koller, Susquehannock.

Co-Launchers of the Year: Joe Smith, Susquehannock; Logan Hauser, Susquehannock.

Pitchers: Michael Henrie, Littlestown; Josh Preston, Susquehannock; and Austin Bausman, in the east of York.

Seekers: Dave Barrett, Susquehannock; and Ryan Jones, Littlestown.

Infielders: AJ Miller, Susquehannock; Luc Geiple, Susquehannock; Josh Pecunes, Susquehannock; Brody Hinkle, East York; Liam Cook, Bermuda Sources; and Lucas Nagle, Kennard-Dale.

Voltigeurs: Colby Hahn, Littlestown; Gabe Kline, Bermuda Sources; Adam Loucks, Kennard-Dale; and Micah Smith, Kennard-Dale.

Honorable Mention

Austin Reinert, Bermuda Sources; Tyson Carpenter, Bermudian Springs; Bradin Peart, Littlestown; Nathan Keller, Bermuda Sources; Brayden Heaps, Susquehannock; Zack Coleman, Susquehannock; and Hank Leighty, Kennard-Dale.

Section IV

Player of the Year: Cody Valentine, Fairfield.

Launcher of the year: Jake Sherdel, Catholic Delone.

Pitchers: Ethan Shimmel, YorkTech; and Tyler Hillson, Catholic Delone.

Seeker: Will Myers, Fairfield.

Infielders: Chase Roberts, Hanover; Ben Angstadt, Biglerville; Austin Black, Biglerville; and Yadi Cruz-Cruz, York Tech

Voltigeurs: Eric Ball, Fairfield; Luke Campbell, York Catholic; and Jaxon Dell, Hanover.

Utility/DH: Brady Walker, York Catholic.

Honorable Mention

Ryan Tully, York Catholic; Andrew Koons, Fairfield; Jake Myers, Fairfield; Cam Macinyak, Fairfield; Jayden Bell, Fairfield; Eli Weigle, Biglerville; Cam Hartzel, Biglerville; Brodie Collins, Catholic Delone; Trent Giraffa, Catholic Delone.

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