Wheel of Time Star Explains Moiraine’s White Tower Tactics

Moiraine actor Rosamund Pike shares insight into Aes Sedai’s motivations for his moves within Tar Valon in Prime Video’s The Wheel of Time series.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for The Wheel of Time Episode 6, “The Flame of Tar Valon,” available now on Prime Video.

Rosamund Pike knows better than anyone what Moiraine’s intentions are in Prime Video’s fantasy streaming show The wheel of time and she offers a glimpse into the spirit of the Aes Sedai during her visit to the White Tower.

In an interview with TVLine covering many of Blue Sister’s inscrutable motivations, Pike was asked specifically about the actions taken in Episode 6, “The Flame of Tar Valon”, where the people of Two Rivers are first separated once safely within the city walls. “She didn’t want to separate them,” Pike said. “That wasn’t part of the original game plan. I don’t know if it’s as much about keeping potential Dragons apart as keeping them out of sight of other Aes Sedai. That’s a much more pressing concern. It’s like a wasp’s nest, Tar Valon and the White Tower.And already the news of Nynaeve’s power has been pouring all around the walls of the tower.

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Once Rand, Mat, Egwene and Perrin have all been found in the city, are ready to travel again and Moiraine has ensured that she will not be trapped in the White Tower thanks to her secret pact and her connection with the Amyrlin Siuan Sanche Headquarters, all of his carefully crafted plans come to fruition. The episode offers just a glimpse into the dangerous world of the White Tower and how Moiraine is able to expertly navigate it, while remaining true to the Three Oaths to which she is bound.

Pike has previously discussed his character’s complexity, specifically what that complexity has to do with Moraine’s internal oppositions, returning to the series’ themes of a world out of balance. “I think the interesting thing about playing Moiraine is that you always have to know your oppositions,” she explained. “If she’s still, that’s in opposition to the power she can unleash. And I’ve always thought it’s about that balance, that a character is only interesting in their stillness if we understand what the opposite does. And I find that very, very exciting.”

With only two episodes remaining in the first season of The wheel of time, there are still many unanswered questions. Chief among them is who indeed is the Dragon Reborn, meant to fight the Dark One. Given the epic nature of the novels the series is based on and Prime Video’s multi-season commitment, it might be a while before that battle comes around. Plenty of time for Moiraine’s gifts, based on One Power and such, to be put to good use.

New episodes for The wheel of time air every Friday on Prime Video.

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Source: TVLine

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