Watch Anthony Joshua land resounding body shots as Briton practices new tactics ahead of Oleksandr Usyk rematch

ANTHONY JOSHUA works on some deaf body shots in an attempt to get revenge on Oleksandr Usyk.

The 32-year-old British boxing hero was stripped of his WBA, IBF and WBO crowns in September after trying to out the 35-year-old left-brain.


Joshua admits she made a mistake trying to send Usyk out in SeptemberCredit: Reuters
AJ unleashes heavy body punches in training as he prepares for rematch


AJ unleashes heavy body punches in training as he prepares for rematchCredit: Instagram

And he has vowed to return to his old ruthless style for the summer rematch targeted for Saudi Arabia.

Working with new head coach Angel Fernandez at their gymnasium at Loughborough University, AJ fired a punishing 16 punches into the Spanish coach’s body belt and looked just like his former knockout artist.

His friend and stable mate Derek Chisora ​​had some success targeting Usyk’s body when they faced off last year.

And Joshua may be trying to improve on that shot as he practices driving left and right hands into Usyk’s torso.

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Admitting he made a mistake trying to outwit the genius southpaw, Joshua said: “It was my game plan because I thought I could compete with him as a boxer. And I think he won. two rounds more than I. That’s how he became champion.

“So the goal now is to get back to basics and go for the knockout.

“I always feel like when I’m fighting or fighting people, I actually see their spirits shrinking.

“Honestly, when you look that person directly in their eyes and observe their body, you can read the body and punch after punch, that person slowly fades away.


“Now when you box, the art of boxing is to hit and not get hit. So you’re a bit of a boxer to stay away. That’s not really my style.

“My style is to be up close and personal and make it difficult for the person. So that’s the game plan.”

AJ confirmed just hours after the unanimous points loss that he wanted to take the rematch immediately.

July 23 has long been the expected date, but we’re just eight weeks away and promoter Eddie Hearn confirmed last week that unless it’s confirmed before this weekend, he’s likely to go. to be delayed.

The Matchroom boss said last Thursday: “The fight is happening, the 23rd is the date that everyone has agreed on and everyone is in agreement. If we agree the week next, everything will be fine.

“The date of the fight and the training time are not the issues, rather it is the additional obligations of television, press conferences and promotion.

“Eight weeks out is fine, but once you’re past seven and six weeks it’s a problem.

“Both fighters know that if we’re going to do a media tour, it has to happen in the next 10-14 days. Beyond that, we’ll have to push it back a week or two.

“If we leave on July 23, we are nine weeks away and we have to announce next week, it must be next week.

“They’ll want us to do a media tour, we should go to the Middle East and London, maybe even New York, so we really need to announce next week.”

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