Teamfight Tactics Set 7 release date and PBE launch

Riot Games has announced that TFT Dragonlands, the 7th set for Teamfight Tactics, will go live with patch 12.11 which according to the patch schedule is scheduled for June 8, 2022. In announcing the date, Riot also confirmed that TFT Set 7 will officially be titled, Dragonlands.

While no other details, such as champions or special mechanics, were revealed, Riot gave a brief hint as to what players can expect:

Our next series, Dragonlands, is set in a diverse realm of mighty dragons, some fierce, some friendly, and some who are everything in between.

What do we know about TFT Dragonlands so far?

Riot briefly touched on Set 7 back in January when Teamfight Tactics Executive Producer Geoffrey Virtue offered a few more details on the theme.

“Our seventh series is set in the Dragon Realms, where clans vie for power over various islands, each worshiping their own powerful Elder Dragons locked behind the mysteries of sleeping shrines.”

It looks like three distinct ancient dragons will play a role in the mechanical features of Dragonlands. Going into its seventh set and third year, Riot has undoubtedly learned a lot since first outing Teamfight Tactics. They’ll apply those learnings to Set 7, including leveraging the new community-favorite mechanic, Hextech Augments.

Hextech Augments were first introduced in Teamfight Tactics with Set 6: Gizmos and Gadgets. They were saved for the mid-game update, Neon Nights. Hextech Augments were modifiers that players could choose each match to boost and customize their team. The mechanic quickly became a fan favorite as it helped each game of TFT feel unique and gave the player agency over how they approached each individual match.

While new Teamfight Tactics sets usually come with their own unique mechanic, Hextech Augments are just too popular to drop altogether. So Dragonlands will have a feature that leverages augments “to bring similar levels of replayability and strategy to a world of dragons that are just as varied as the mechanic’s combinations.”

In the Set 7 teaser, Riot showed off three individual dragons. It’s possible that players could select one and then throughout the game choose the individual powers associated with them. It’s just me spitting.

With Dragonlands set to hit the PBE on May 24th (late afternoon), it shouldn’t be long before Riot starts giving official details on the upcoming set. Expect a full champion refresh as well as brand new traits and origins.

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