Southwest Ohio Baseball Coaches Announce 2022 All-City Teams

The 2022 Southwest Ohio Baseball Coaches Association has announced its all-city teams, including top players, pitchers and coaches from Divisions I-IV.

Premier League

Players of the Year

Andrew Edrington, Jr., Princeton

Luke Vaughn, Junior, Elder

pitcher of the year

Brenden Garula, senior, bricklayer

University of Cincinnati signee Brenden Garula of Mason is the Southwest Ohio Baseball Coaches Association's DI Pitcher of the Year

Coaches of the year

Lance Durham, Kings

Matt Lykins, Talawanda

The whole city in the first team

Colon Hunt, junior, shortstop/pitcher, Edgewood

Luke Vaughn, junior, receiver/infielder, Senior

Jeremy Ward, senior, shortstop/pitcher, Elder

Kellen Sandhas, senior, pitcher/outfielder, senior

Aaron England, sophomore, pitcher, Fairfield

Evan Fry, senior pitcher/infielder, Franklin

Pierce Bauerle, senior, third base, Franklin

Logan Vogelgesang, senior pitcher, Harrison

Jack Smith, junior, shortstop, Kings

Jake Murphy, junior, pitcher, Kings

Mason Clark, senior, pitcher, Kings

Devin Taylor, senior, outfield/infield, La Salle

Gunner Kalkhoff, senior, outfield/pitcher, La Salle

Collin Sweeney senior, outfield, Lakota East

Jack Villareal, senior pitcher, Lakota East

Nolan Smoot, senior, pitcher/first base, Little Miami

John Mairn, senior, third baseman/shortstop, Little Miami

Brenden Garula, senior, pitcher/outfielder, Mason

Michael Murphy, junior, pitcher/designated hitter, Mason

Josiah Nelson, senior, outfield, Middletown

Max Tramontana, senior pitcher, Moeller

Nate Earley, senior, first base, Moeller

Moeller's Nate Earley reacts after a hit during their baseball game against St. Xavier on Wednesday, March 30, 2022.

Andrew Edrington, junior, shortstop/pitcher, Princeton

Brennan Hileman, junior, pitcher/outfielder, St. Xavier

Noah Prewitt, junior, outfielder/pitcher, Talawanda

Parker Geshan, senior, shortstop/pitcher, Talawanda

Abe Crall, sophomore, pitcher/third baseman, Western Brown

Second team all cities

Drew Gavin, senior, right field, Anderson

Aidan Trowbridge, senior, first base/third base, Anderson

Ethan Mason, senior, shortstop, Colerain

Mark Hulgin, senior pitcher, Colerain

Colerain starting pitcher Mark Hulgin throws a pitch during their tournament win over Goshen on Tuesday, May 17, 2022.

Jesse Thompson, senior, receiver, Edgewood

Chris Kammerer, senior, pitcher/outfielder, Elder

Kevin Hilton, junior, second base, senior

John Rodriguez, senior center fielder, Fairfield

Noah Wagster, sophomore, shortstop, Fairfield

Bryce Swoll, junior, shortstop, Franklin

Sam Palmieri, senior, third base, Kings

Paul Kelly, second year, outfield, Kings

Patrick Villamagna, junior, pitcher, La Salle

Jacob Finley, senior, outfield, Lakota East

Sam Pennix, senior, third base, Lakota East

Evan Whiteaker, senior pitcher, Lakota East

Carson French, senior pitcher, Lakota East

Ty Beck, senior, receiver, Lebanon

Colton Hartman, junior, pitcher, Lebanon

Colton Hartman is a left-hander for the Lebanon Warriors who currently leads the Cincinnati Eastern Conference in strikeouts.

Parker Dillhoff, senior, pitcher/outfielder, Lebanon

Oscar Welsh, senior pitcher, Little Miami

Tyler Huff, junior, receiver, Loveland

Dylan Hogberg, junior, first base, Loveland

Jake Hanley, second year, first base, Mason

Brady Bly, senior, receiver, Mason

John Calhoun Jr., senior, center field, Middletown

Tanner Back, junior, second base, Middletown

Chase Herrell, junior, pitcher, Milford

Toby Hueber, junior, second base/pitcher, Moeller

Charlie Niehaus, junior, shortstop, Moeller

Kyler Frede, junior, pitcher, Oak Hills

Max Klare, senior center fielder, St. Xavier

Jake Hertzman, senior pitcher, Sycamore

Jake Isaacs, senior pitcher, Sycamore

Max Mesler, junior, third base, Talawanda

Reed Rosebraugh, junior, outfield, Turpin

Nathan Taylor, junior, pitcher, West Clermont

Trevor Zeigler, junior, pitcher, West Clermont

Jordan Harley, senior, outfield, West Clermont

Ben Crall, sophomore, pitcher, Western Brown

Matt Frye, junior, center fielder, Western Brown

Evan Conatser, senior, shortstop, Western Brown

Galen Combs, junior, receiver, Withrow

Section II

Player of the Year

Brayden Frassman, senior, Ross

pitcher of the year

Eric Rawlings, Senior, Badin

Badin starting pitcher Eric Rawlings pitches a six-inning hitter in the game between Badin and McNicholas High Schools on March 30, 2022, at McNicholas High School.  Badin defeated McNicholas 13-1.

Coach of the year

Brion Treadway, Badin

The whole city in the first team

Eric Rawlings, senior pitcher, Badin

Landyn Vidourek, senior, shortstop, Badin

Shortstop Badin Landyn Vidourek performs a ground ball in the March 30, 2022 game at McNicholas High School.

Jimmy Nugent, senior, receiver, Badin

Lucas Moore, junior, center fielder, Badin

Jared Teke, senior pitcher/receiver, Batavia

Wes Embry, sophomore, second baseman/pitcher, Batavia

Adam Frump, senior pitcher/left fielder, Blanchester

Reagan Burch, senior, center field, Blanchester

Nick Rinala, sophomore, pitcher/left fielder, Indian Hill

Alex Hansen, junior, shortstop/pitcher, Indian Hill

Aiden Sargent, junior, pitcher/third base, Monroe

Alex Bemis, junior, shortstop, Monroe

Danny Shockley, senior shortstop/pitcher, New Richmond

New Richmond's Danny Shockley was among the players selected All-City Division II by Southwestern Ohio Baseball Coaches.

Lleyton Flamm, senior, third baseman/pitcher, New Richmond

Brayden Fraasman, senior, receiver/outfielder, Ross

Ben Voegele, freshman, shortstop/second baseman, Ross

Mark Snowden, senior, outfield, Taylor

Johnny Kearns, senior, pitcher/outfielder, Taylor

Luke Taylor, senior, shortstop/pitcher, Wyoming

Drew Mouch, senior, pitcher/outfielder, Wyoming

Second team all cities

Rodney Rachel, junior, outfield, Badin

Max Stewart, senior, third base, Batavia

Jonathan Copfer, sophomore, outfielder/pitcher, Indian Hill

Ryan Holmes, senior, center fielder, Monroe

Seth Keith, senior, shortstop/pitcher, Taylor

All-City Honorable Mention

Ian Bullis, senior, shortstop, Batavia

Austin Dick, sophomore, shortstop/second base, Blanchester

Sammy Roush, freshman, catcher, Blanchester

Zach West, junior, pitcher, Blanchester

James Wymer, junior, third baseman/receiver, Blanchester

Ben Liebel, sophomore, outfield/pitcher, Indian Hill

Jacob Riffle, senior center fielder, New Richmond

Caleb Stephen, junior, outfield/third base, New Richmond

Kaden Iker, junior, outfield/designated hitter, New Richmond

Luke Abbott, junior, pitcher, New Richmond

Sections III and IV

Player of the Year

Jack Vogele, senior, Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy

CHCA's Jack Vogele (12) takes a diving catch during his baseball game against Cincinnati Country Day on Tuesday, April 12, 2022.

Coach of the year

Tony Schulz, CHCA

The whole city in the first team

Davis Campbell, sophomore, infield, Cincinnati Country Day

Cincinnati Country Day shortstop Davis Campbell (7) throws the ball out during their baseball game against CHCA on Tuesday, April 12, 2022.

Cooper Robinson, senior pitcher, CHCA

Jack Vogele, senior, outfield, CHCA

Will Murphy, senior, infield, CHCA

Johnathan Russell, junior, outfield, CHCA

Titan Selvie, senior, infield, Cincinnati Christian

Zack Birch, senior, infield, Cincinnati Christian

Kris Jenkins, senior, outfielder/pitcher, Clermont Northeast

James Dunn, senior pitcher, Madeira

Dylan Thatcher, senior, outfield, Madeira

Quinn Benner, senior pitcher, Mariemont

Michael Napalitano, senior, receiver, Mariemont

Ben Bobo, junior, outfield, McNicholas

Ty Snyder, junior, infield, McNicholas

Trey White, senior, outfield, Purcell Marian

Leo Hennegan, senior, infielder, Purcell Marian

Casey Hinton, senior, outfielder/pitcher, Reading

Louie Hess, senior, infield, Reading

Anthony Hoffman, junior, infielder, Roger Bacon

George Janzen, senior, receiver, Roger Bacon

George Janzen is a senior catcher for the Roger Bacon High School baseball team.

Jared Kraus, junior, infielder/pitcher, Seven Hills

Mason Perkins, senior, infield, Summit Country Day

Erik Deal, junior, outfield, Summit Country Day

Carter Sunderman, junior, infield, Williamsburg

Eli Jones, junior, outfield, Williamsburg

Second team all cities

Trey Vrdeveld, senior, infielder/pitcher, Cincinnati Country Day

Zach Delbello, senior, infield, CCD

Colin Ames, senior infielder/pitcher, CHCA

Ty Yelton, senior, infield, CHCA

Jack Henson, junior, pitcher, Cincinnati Christian

Trevor Allen, senior, outfielder/pitcher, Cincinnati Christian

Riley Rooks, sophomore, infield, Cincinnati Christian

Austin Yeager, senior, infielder/pitcher, Clermont Northeast

Conner Yeager, Freshman, Infield/Catcher, CNE

Dominic Wilson, senior, infield, Deer Park

Andre Solano, junior, infielder/pitcher, Madeira

Max Miller, senior, outfield, Mariemont

Pierce Taylor, senior, receiver, McNicholas

Ethan Ell, junior, outfield, Purcell Marian

Logan Nash, senior, infielder, Purcell Marian

Levi Smiley, sophomore, catcher/infielder, Purcell Marian

Jesse Jenkins, senior, infield/outfield, Purcell Marian

Conner Thamann, junior, infielder/pitcher, Reading

Micah Bowman, senior pitcher, Reading

Benny Hess, junior, receiver, Reading

Luke Wagner, senior, outfield, Roger Bacon

Jake Tschida, senior, outfield/pitcher, Roger Bacon

Will Schneider, senior, receiver/infielder, Seven Hills

Jace Canter, junior, pitcher/infielder, Williamsburg

All-City Honorable Mention

Caden Crawford, senior, infield, CHCA

Nick Minacapelli, junior, infield/outfield, Cincinnati Christian

Nick Heisser, junior, infield, Madeira

JD Long, junior, infield, Mariemont

Brady O’Brien, senior, outfielder/pitcher, McNicholas

Zavier Wright, freshman, outfield/pitcher, Purcell Marian

Cam Ellis, senior infielder/pitcher, Reading

Ty Brenner, senior, infielder/pitcher, Roger Bacon

Nick Ciaccio, senior pitcher, Summit Country Day

Austin Heffmer, junior, infield/outfield, Williamsburg

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