Signing Jacob deGrom to the Braves is a scary tactic at best

The worst possible New York Mets rumors were delivered over the weekend by ESPN’s Buster Olney. It has to do with Jacob deGrom, the future and one of the team’s biggest rivals.

deGrom is expected to opt out of his contract with the Mets this offseason. Well, Olney chose to deliver the wildest Mets rumors to try and ruin our vacation weekend.

Olney bats 1,000 in the past few weeks when it comes to terrifying New York sports fans. In June, he pitched ideas on where Aaron Judge could sign. Speculation is rife about where the outfielder might land. Just like he did with deGrom, Olney and his ESPN buddies fanned the flames.

There were plenty of teams designated as landing destinations for Judge, but the two in the picture they featured were the Mets and Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox are the equivalent of the Yankees to the Braves or maybe that’s the role the Philadelphia Phillies play.

Whichever way you want to look at it, those Mets rumors of deGrom fleeing New York for Atlanta might make Tracey Morgan proud.

Without any context on this information from Olney, it is difficult to understand exactly why this is the conclusion. Atlanta could use an ace on their team. Why deGrom, though? Is it because Georgia is close to his home state of Florida?

When it comes to baseball rumors, sometimes there are very obvious connections. Judge’s signing with the San Francisco Giants already makes sense because he grew up in the area. That’s why before Zack Wheeler ended up with the Phillies, many thought he might end up with the Braves.

deGrom is expected to make his 2022 Mets debut in the coming weeks. Fans aren’t so worried about where he will play next year. Right now, minds are on the present with only the occasional fleeting glance into the future.

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