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As President of CARP in Surrey, I am alarmed daily by Mayor McCallum and his Safe Surrey Coalition to the elderly. Much of it smacks of ageism and elder abuse.

For example, public attendance at council meetings by telephone has been canceled, leaving immunocompromised seniors with no choice but to write down their concerns. Unfortunately, the writings are not heard in real time and are often ignored.

In addition, seven elderly people received a court order banning them from all council meetings. Those same seniors, along with a host of others, including myself, have not been allowed to comment on SSCoalition’s social media posts that brag about his victories on the board and elsewhere.

Not only the mayor and his four councilors of the SSC infringe on the rights of the elders, but also on the First Nations. A proposal for a new South Surrey Elderly Care Campus was presented without any consultation with the Semiahmoo First Nation, despite its location within the territory of the SFN Heritage Site.

This area at 228 175A St. in South Surrey lacks the transit, services and familiarity that seniors want and need. It is also just minutes from a farm blamed for a foul odor that has repeatedly violated environmental ordinances.

Being a senior himself, Mayor McCallum should be more aware of the needs of his constituents, not just the whims of his developer friends. I am not against development, far from it, but it must be done in such a way that it takes into account the good and the good and avoids harming our environment, our First Nations and our elders.

CARP, also known as the Canadian Association of Retired Persons, is the largest non-profit advocacy association in Canada that supports the rights of Canadians as we age.

We deserve a voice at the table and depriving ourselves is not the democracy we have fought for over the years. Seniors have a lot to offer and our voices deserve to be heard.

It is ageism, elder abuse and more to deny ourselves our rights.

Ramona Kaptyn, President, CARP White Rock Surrey; Director, CARP, National Council

Editor’s Note: Ramona Kaptyn is a member of the Surrey Connect roster, which will run against CSC in the next municipal election.

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