R. Kelly’s Behavior Reflects Abuse Tactics, Expert Witness Says | WETM


NEW YORK (AP) – Prosecutors moved closer to concluding their case at the sex trafficking trial of R. Kelly on Friday, calling two final witnesses to try to solidify claims he prepared young victims for criminal charges. unwanted sex in episodes dating from the 1990s.

One witness was a former assistant to the R&B singer who echoed testimony from other ex-employees describing his mercurial behavior and the control he had over everyone around him.

The other was an expert witness on abusive relationships who is due to return to the witness stand for cross-examination on Monday before the government rests.

Expert psychologist Dawn Hughes testified about studies showing that many abusers systematically isolate, belittle, enslave and spy on their victims as a means of control – all tactics allegedly used by Kelly. Generally speaking, it’s not uncommon for powerful people like Kelly to be surrounded by underlings who “knew this and hadn’t done anything,” Hughes said.

The defense was scheduled to begin arguing their case later on Monday, with pleadings possible before the end of the week in a trial in New York City that began on August 18.

The 54-year-old defendant, born Robert Sylvester Kelly, has pleaded not guilty to racketeering charges accusing him of running a Chicago-based company of directors, bodyguards and other employees who helped him recruit and transport its victims. This alleged trip violated Mann Law, which makes it illegal to transport anyone across state lines for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

The Grammy-winning artist vehemently denied the accusations, saying the women were groupies who wanted to profit from his fame and fortune until the #MeToo movement turned them against him.


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