Police cadets learn taser tactics

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – You’ve heard of police using a Taser, maybe even seen video of one in use, but how are officers trained to use them?

13abc got a glimpse of their potential effectiveness and what happens when they’re not.

Tasers are an officer’s option for non-lethal force, but they are a powerful weapon nonetheless. The training emphasizes that this is only a tool at their disposal.

One by one, Toledo police cadets got a chance to see what a successful taser deployment looks like on Thursday. One by one, they experienced muscle blockage or neuromuscular disability.

“Going from a civilian mindset to a mindset where no one is really threatening to kill you almost every day – that can really happen here,” said Sgt. Jamal Owens.

Sergeant Owens reminds these cadets that this is a tool at their disposal. For the Taser to successfully subdue someone, the pins must land on the property for the current to be effective. But that’s not always easy to do, even in a controlled training environment.

“In the street, you are actively fighting someone. Carhart jacket, it’s cold outside. It all plays a part,” said Sgt. Owens.

The officers familiarized themselves with what is called a ranged weapon. There is no right or wrong time to use them. Officers must sense the situation and determine when lethal or non-lethal force is required.

They should be prepared when the pins do not stick or the load does not affect the person depending on the substances on which he may be.

“Don’t be so dependent on it. If that doesn’t work, move on to another tool. To move back. You may need to take care of someone. Be mentally prepared to adapt to the situation,” said Sgt. Owens.

This jolt lasts 5 seconds. If the officer only uses one jerk, that’s how much time they have to get the person handcuffed or under control, because even if you’re in pain after the hit, you can definitely get up and get back on your feet .

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