Michael Kay tears up Aaron Boone and Yankees motivational tactics

The New York Yankees were outscored, outscored and outscored as they were swept by the Houston Astros in the ALCS. But it was their attempts at motivation that pushed Michael Kay over the edge.

Desperate for a spark ahead of Sunday night’s Game 4, the Bronx Bombers turned to their “mental skills coach” for inspiration. The coach dug into his bag of tricks and pulled together a compilation video from the 2004 ALCS, which featured the Yankees suffering arguably the worst meltdown in MLB history as the Boston Red Sox returned from 3-0 in the series en route to their first World Series title in 86 years.

After learning this method, the play-by-play voice of Yankees TV and ESPN New York sports radio host Michael Kay annihilated the team in a rant for the ages.

“How in the name of the baseball god can you be so deaf as an organization as if you could do this!” Talk about bad optics, are you crazy? Kay raged. “I spoke to three players from the 2004 squad, they were outraged that their failure was being used as motivation for the 2022 squad. How can you do that? It would be like someone in the family Lincoln and you try to teach him about shootings in theaters, so you use his dad as an example of how to avoid it. I mean, are you crazy?!”

“Here’s the amazing thing,” Kay continued. “THEY TOLD IT TO THE MEDIA! Aaron Boone told the media: “Oh yeah, we put together a tape of the ’04 Red Sox.’ Oh my God, I hate doing it!

The Yankees lost 3-0 to the Astros and the Mental Skills coach wanted to show players similar comebacks were made to prove winning the 2022 ALCS was still an achievable goal. The core of that sentiment is right, and it could have been a reasonable tactic for literally any MLB team other than the Yankees. Trying to motivate the Yankees by forcing players to look at their uniform on the losing side of a historic loss is an odd choice. But as Kay noted, talking to the media was even worse.

The current players weren’t on the losing side of the 2004 ALCS, so perhaps they could have overlooked it was their uniform upon receiving a historic loss. But telling the media about it so it could be relayed to the fans, who lived through that historic 2004 loss, was foolish. Sharing these motivational tactics with the media made Boone and the Yankees appear out of touch and caused them to lose the trust of their fan base.

Usually it’s Don La Greca who goes on epic rants during The Michael Kay Show. But credit Kay for setting aside his allegiance as the longtime voice of the Pinstripes to tear the team and their manager apart. And thank YES Network for allowing such a passionate rant to air on the Yankees Television Network. Not only was Kay’s rant entertaining from a radio perspective, but it’s further proof that he’s not an accomplice to the team.

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