Major league baseball players want more games, more pay cuts: report


NEW YORK – Baseball players seemed likely to offer to increase the number of regular season games this year while maintaining their demand for full prorated salaries, The Associated Press reported Wednesday night.

A day after Major League Baseball proposed a sliding scale of pay cuts for a pandemic-delayed season in fanless stadiums, the union held a conference call that included its board of directors, player representatives and representatives of the alternate players, the Associated Press said.

Many players were angered by the teams’ proposal on Tuesday, the Associated Press said. It was not known when the union would react to the MLB plan, he said.

Stars Mike Trout and Gerrit Cole would lose the most under the MLB plan, around 77% of the $ 36 million each due to be paid this season. In total, there are 133 players whose contracts provide for salaries of $ 10 million or more, not counting shares of signing bonuses.

A top player earning $ 1 million or less would keep at least 43% of their salary below the six-tier salary cut scale. This includes a $ 200 million player-only share that is dependent on the end of the playoffs. About 460 of the roughly 900 players on rosters and injured rosters when spring training was halted in mid-March due to the coronavirus are making $ 1 million or less.

Angels outfielder Trout and Yankees pitcher Cole would be reduced to about $ 8 million each.

“An interesting strategy to make the best, most marketable players potentially look like the bad guys,” Brewers pitcher Brett Anderson said on Twitter.

The players’ association called the proposal “extremely disappointing”. The union argued that the players had already agreed to a reduction in proportional shares of their wages in a March 26 deal and should not have to negotiate again.

MLB would like to start the season around July 4 in empty stadiums and have offered an 82-game regular-season schedule. He says teams would lose billions of dollars playing with no ticket money and no gate-related income.

“This season doesn’t look promising,” Mets pitcher Marcus Stroman said on Twitter. “Keeping your mind and body ready despite everything. “

Union leader Tony Clark has not commented publicly on the MLB proposal and has said very little publicly since late March.

A season with more games would allow players to earn a higher percentage of their original salary. MLB says without fans, each additional game would result in a loss of $ 640,000.

Brewers president Mark Attanasio told the Greater Milwaukee committee on Tuesday that “the careful part of what you want is hours a day.”

“It has to fall into place very quickly or we won’t be able to, we’re just going to run out of time,” he said. “To pay players at a full contract rate, roughly 90 percent of that amount would go towards paying them and would not cover any other costs.”

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