Letters: Ukrainian fighters should use guerrilla tactics against Russians | Letters to the Editor

Watching the news, I saw long convoys of Russian weapons entering Ukraine unhindered.

This made me wonder if the United States had helped Ukraine prepare for the type of warfare it was to employ against the larger Russian force.

We learned a lot from the surprise guerrilla tactics employed against our troops in Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Our vast expertise could benefit Ukraine, as guerrilla warfare could make it difficult for Russia to bring its weapons into the country and maintain control in an urban environment.

Ukrainian forces deployed with guerrilla-specific small arms along the main entry routes could slow down and disrupt access to towns.

Similar forces in cities could disrupt the occupation by scaring Russian forces into sitting ducks exposed to guerrilla warfare.

Keeping the Russian offensive at bay from the start is a key strategy that could improve opportunities for negotiations and pave the way for peace.

Hopefully, our government’s planning has employed deep foresight that reflects all possible outcomes and has done everything possible to give the Ukrainian people the timely advantage of our knowledge of how to protect themselves through guerrilla warfare.



Secure workplaces

SC companies could be hit with a

State Senate Republicans are proposing a bill to penalize South Carolina businesses that enforce health and safety rules used to protect South Carolinians.

A company must be allowed to fire employees who refuse to follow health and safety mandates. It’s the ultimate app. If this Senate bill passes, it will put all workers at risk.

Our workplaces have become much safer over the years. Please don’t let these misguided senators lead us back.



Don’t blame the GOP

Letters: Legislature must stop neglecting SC issues

A Sunday letter to the editor blamed Republicans in South Carolina for a host of ills, including poor infrastructure, waste, homelessness, poor health, overdevelopment and criticisms of critical theory of race.

I will point out that Illinois, New York and California are dominated by Democrats, more than Republicans in South Carolina.

These states have many of the aforementioned problems.

But those high-tax states might be preferable to the letter writer.


Johns Island

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