Joey Barton’s change, discussion tactics and Colchester’s missed moments against Bristol Rovers

The Bristol Rovers’ 1-1 draw at Colchester United on Tuesday was not short of drama to discuss as Gas conceded late and ended with nine men on a frustrating night for Joey Barton’s side .

Most of the main talking points were discussed at length, with all three red cards in the game assessed and Barton criticized for his substitutions as Gas failed to convert a strong performance into three points after struggling to a chaotic conclusion. .

But, under the defining moments of the match, there were plenty of little incidents that the nearly 300 Gasheads in the stadium, nor the 1,000+ spectators at home, might not have noticed on first viewing.

Here are some of the moments you might have missed on the Rovers’ trip to the JobServe Community Stadium …

Well done to Belshaw

The Rovers have been criticized this season for playing too long, but for some Gasheads they’ve gone too far the other way in the opening minutes at Colchester.

Barton had urged his team to play from behind at every opportunity, and this proved especially effective with Gas navigating through the hosts’ fragile press.

But there have been a few occasions where James Belshaw’s bravery on the ball from goal kicks put the Rovers in trouble.

The keeper was optimistic about Rovers’ desire to play on the bridge and these instructions are unlikely to be put aside.

But Gasheads was quick to send a message when, after a few hairy moments that resulted from Belshaw’s kicks, the goalkeeper waved his arms to send Connor Taylor and Alfie Kilgour up the pitch before hitting his first long ball of the evening.

He was greeted with a standing ovation on the outside and a cheer on par with Brett Pitman’s goal, with the travel support clearly uncomfortable with the risks being taken in Rovers’ own penalty area.

Barton’s one-word message to Luke Thomas

After having had to wait a while, Gasheads, you are now free to get excited about Luke Thomas and the impact he can have for the Rovers this season.

Impressive cameos as a substitute against Carlisle United and Bradford City following his return from injury were supported by an eye-catching performance in the starting XI at Colchester.

With Antony Evans, Sam Nicholson, Aaron Collins and Thomas by their side, the Rovers have no shortage of creators to give their teammates chances.

But, during a first half where Thomas had worried Colchester on several occasions, his manager saw room for improvement.

With the press benches located near the Rovers’ dugout canoe, reporters had a clear view of Barton and his actions on the sideline, and an action from Thomas frustrated him.

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After the playmaker drifted through the Colchester area, pulling away from several men and attempting a pass, Barton bellowed “Shoot!” jumping and gesturing in frustration.

Thomas was not the only man to have received this message from Barton, with the manager revealing that he gave similar instructions to Aaron Collins at halftime.

And, after a first half where Rovers had nothing to show for the many good situations they created, it was a simple but necessary message to his players.

Pitman’s tactical implication

Tuesday’s game saw Pitman become the leader of the Gas, not only scoring the opening goal and approaching adding a few more, but he also did a lot of dirty work in the playoffs to help the Gas gain a point that did not go unnoticed.

One thing the supporters may have missed was that the striker made his way to the bench as Barton sounded the changes in the second half, engaging in a discussion with the manager about his changes, the tactical plan for the finals. and the role of the attacker.

He’s not the first Rovers player to show an interest in the tactical side of the game, injured Mark Hughes watching Saturday’s draw in Bradford City alongside club analysts on the Valley Parade gantry.

Joey Barton’s usual cap was handed over on Tuesday evening …

Barton’s New Hat

A nice trivial to finish, but these are the things that really question…

The Rovers boss donned the same baseball cap throughout his tenure at Rovers, doing a great job of marketing for the manufacturers given the hundreds of photos he’s featured in.

But the manager had another headgear on Tuesday, wearing a hat emblazoned with the words “Chasing The Work”.

A quick Google search revealed that this hat is an RVCA Espo snapback in black, priced at $ 27.95.

Absoutely must know information for Gasheads…

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