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Hello everyone. I’m Kristyn Brophy, Director of Client Strategy at Legal Internet Solutions, Inc. And today I want to share some quick tips on how to implement influencer marketing tactics into your marketing strategy for your law firm. lawyers. But first, what is an influencer?

An influencer is someone who essentially influences the purchase decisions or purchasing decisions of others. Influencers have grown in popularity, especially during the pandemic, with short video platforms such as TikTok or Instagram reels or Facebook videos, Facebook Watch, YouTube shorts.

I mean, the list could go on and on with all these different platforms you put shorthand content on, but an influencer is someone who has a loyal following. Usually when you think of an influencer, you think of someone like Kim Kardashian or Beyoncé or Charli D’Amelio. People who have a ton of followers and the number of followers doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a successful influencer.

What makes you a successful influencer is the quality of your network and the quality of your community, the quality of your followers. So micro-influencers, who only have a few hundred or maybe just 1000 followers, can sometimes have more impact than those big brands you see or those huge influential celebrities.

Another term often used synonymously with influencer is a brand ambassador. Someone who doesn’t work for your business but is going to be selling services on behalf of your business or, you know, getting people to work with you is working with your services. So lawyers, that being said, and law firms, I hate to tell you, but in a law firm, the lawyers are not the influencers. I repeat, lawyers are not your influencers, law firms, your influencers are your clients and your referral sources, and your prospects. Your influencers are people outside the company and not working within the company who help influence the purchasing decision of your prospects or, you know, your customers. And when I say purchase decision, I mean they can recommend your business to them, to another friend or family member, or to their followers on Instagram.

Influencers, then, are people you really want to connect with on a very personal level who will help amplify your brand and build brand awareness, spread awareness of your products and services, and get other people to buy them. After all, people do business with people, and when you’re looking for services to buy or a service provider to engage with, chances are someone will ask their friends or turn to opinions. from someone they know, like and trust before they hire you for their services.

That being said, some very effective tactics used by influencers include certain Instagram engagement tactics like collabs or takeovers. So I just wrote a blog post for LISI that explains a bit about what a collaboration or cover is, but essentially that’s where someone else is posting on behalf of your company.

For example, our lovely SEO-rangutan Seymour Links, as seen behind me here, will be taking over Legal Internet Solutions Inc.’s Instagram account and posting his own photos from his travels. This is a great tactic businesses can use. Maybe a client or a co-lawyer or someone supports your Instagram account for, you know, a predetermined amount of time. Maybe it’s just a few hours. Maybe they take over your Twitter account and do live tweets for you. Maybe instead if you’re not comfortable with taking over and handing over your login credentials to someone who doesn’t work for your company, or if your ethics guidelines don’t don’t allow it, that’s where a collaboration can come in. And a collaboration is really powerful and impactful for both brands, because it’s a piece of content that you create together and then it’s released. to all your subscribers and collaborators.

So, for example, maybe John Smith Law Firm is creating this blog post with Smith and Smith LLP, similar names, but that’s just an example and they’re not real companies that I’m judging by. use as an example, but let’s say the law firm John Smith puts its Instagram post with this content that created and it invites Smith and Smith LLP to be a collaborator. This post will be posted to both of your accounts and delivered to both of your groups of followers. And the influence benefit here actually means that even though this content was created by the law firm John Smith, all Smith and Smith LLP subscribers will see the name of the law firm John Smith and say: Oh, maybe I should work with the John Smith law firm.

You don’t necessarily want to do a collab with a direct competitor, but with indirect competitors or your coopetitors, which means, you know, coopetition favoring collaboration with your competitors. The word I’ve been using a lot lately, but your co-competitors, your competitors that you can collaborate with, are people who are great at fostering relationships and can become a source and base of long-term cross-references .

Another tactic that influencers are using that is a low-hanging fruit for law firms is really to run sweepstakes and contests for something free and it doesn’t have to be services free legal or something like that. When I say run a raffle or a contest for something free I mean tickets to a football game or tickets to the opera or bring them or get free tickets and bring people from your follower base at a sponsorship event or something like that.

Law firms almost always have season tickets for local baseball teams or, you know, I live in Boston, so I’ll use the Bruins as an example. Some law firms have season tickets to Bruins games, raffles, some of those games and send them over there and then ask the winner of the raffle tickets to post a picture of them at the game and tag your company’s social media accounts in the post. That way they post and say, “Hey, thanks Smith and Smith LLP for sending us to the game. It’s been really awesome! and that generates, you know, a little bit more engagement for your company profiles. It can help you gain subscribers and pique the interest of the subscribers of that person you sent to the game for free. And they will see your business and maybe want to know more about your services.

My final tactic that I’ll share that a lot of influencers use to hack their followers’ engagement in their communities is to boost engagement by actually asking for it. You know, reach out to your network and say, “Hey, I just posted this on Instagram” or “I just posted this on LinkedIn.” But you can reach out to your small group of people you know, love, and trust and say, “Hey, I just posted this. I think it’s really great. I would like to help increase engagement and visibility. Would you mind interacting with it and interacting could mean commenting on it, liking it or going so far as to share it with their own networks.

Another way to ask for a pledge is to literally ask for it in your post’s comment or caption. So let’s say you’re on Instagram and you put up a photo or something simple, ask like, “What do you think? Or “What do you think of this photo?” “What is your opinion?” Ask the question and put that call to action in your content. And then people will actually interact with it.

So these are just a few quick tips for some influence tactics you can use in your law firm. You know, have contests, give something away for free. Work with your brand ambassadors and this is something I haven’t mentioned yet, but offer branded clothes, ask them to wear them in public. Be a brand ambassador for your company. Make a fleece vest or a jacket or an umbrella, something where your logo will be highly visible and seen quite clearly. And then, you know, take it a step further, ask them to take pictures wearing that swag or use that swag with the logo clearly visible and tag the business. And then the company should then repost that photo on their own platforms so that the person who posted it also gets the engagement and followers of that one.

Anyway, that was a bit of a digression, but in conclusion, and some of these easy-to-implement tactics for your law firm include brand ambassadors, give that swag, ask for a commitment on your message, make this call to action. Ask for a like, ask for a comment, ask for a follow. Collaborations and takeovers; these have a huge success. And it’s a way to boost each other and not just yourself. And then finally, organize contests. Give things away for free. You don’t have to give it all away for free, just a little something just to, you know, boost engagement and then get more subscribers and more people will come back hoping they might win next time.

Thank you very much, as always.

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