Former College Baseball Players Use Diamond Lessons to Help Manage $2 Billion for Clients

Last name: Jeremy Suarez

Solidify: Tomoro

Location: Wall, New Jersey

Total policy value: $2 billion

Forbes ranking: The best financial security professionals in the United States

Background: Suarez has worked in financial services for nearly two decades since graduating from Fordham University where he played baseball.

He credits his athletic background as a huge influence on his career, having learned about teamwork which helped him build a business.

“I look at financial planning like baseball. There are many opportunities and only some are controllable,” he says. “You can have a good batting and not have the result you wanted.”

Suarez was initially offered a job in institutional banking, but took the advice of a friend of his fathers to take up financial planning instead. After rising through the ranks at another firm in New York, he launched his own firm, Tomoro, which offers services through Guardian, in 2014.

Investment philosophy/strategy: Capital markets work for the overwhelming majority of his clients, Suarez says. However, he still pays close attention to asset allocation because while he is confident that capital markets will work over the long term with a passive approach, he must have liquidity to meet client needs as they arise. as they arise.

Competitive advantage : A “hyper focus” on estate planning and asset protection is a differentiator, according to Suarez, who adds that his team also emphasizes asset protection and cash flow.

“I believe risk management wins,” Suarez adds. “Establishing a baseline for clients will work for them when developing a will and planning for inheritance.”

As managing partner, Suarez also spends a lot of time with the company’s business owners to develop strategies around business continuity.

Being a person of color in an industry that has traditionally lacked diversity, Suarez acknowledges that her diversity is part of her life but says it hasn’t had a major impact on her career.

Best Advice: The best advice he’s received in his career is to stick to the basics and what you understand rather than chasing complex opportunities.

Biggest Challenge: Scalability has been a challenge as Suarez tries to improve his time management. He sees similar challenges to what we see in other industries around finding and retaining talent.

mentors: Above all, he attributes to his father the role of mentor. Additionally, he mentions Kenyon Lang and Michael Olivia of Cambium, the company where he got his start, as important influences who took him under their wing.

Lessons learned: Suarez learned that the financial advisory business is 100% relationship-based and that focusing on and meeting a client’s needs is crucial. Having built his business organically with his partners, he believes that reliability is the key to this success.

Customer’s biggest misunderstanding: Clients tend to misunderstand risk management and how to coordinate and make risk management decisions in the areas of insurance, estate planning, tax and investments. He points out that taxes are among the most misunderstood by customers.

Investment Prospects: His companies currently believe markets will continue to be choppy amid various headwinds. However, he remains bullish over the long term with opportunities in credit and debt markets that have not been available over the past decade.

He also seeks to coach clients around recent volatility to better understand how markets work and ensure they don’t get too emotional over headlines about politics, inflation or interest rate hikes. interest.

“The investor psyche is probably the biggest hurdle we have to support at this point,” he adds.

What keeps you up at night: What keeps him awake at night is making sure his family, business and loved ones are in the right place, especially after the last difficult years with Covid-19, economic turmoil and political turmoil.

Favorite Book/Movie: “Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Action,” by Simon Sinek, was helpful to Suarez when he started his business.

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