Every new mechanic in Teamfight Tactics Dragonlands

With Teamfight Tactics Dragonlands there are a lot of new mechanics, but also some of the ones we loved. The Treasure Dragon will grant you new items, the Dragonlands Dragons are the strongest trait yet, and many new boosts will welcome you to this new set. Speaking of which, the augments are now draconic augments and will allow more room for creativity. You can also re-roll your increases now!


They’re all over the Dragonlands, so find out more about how they’re rocking the Convergence.

The treasure dragon

Once a fixture of the Dragonlands, the Treasure Dragon has left the world of our new set, with the intention of distributing resources and wealth to those in need. But rest assured, before leaving, they left behind some of their essence in the form of a generous totem.

The Treasure Dragon will replace the Raptors in Stage 4-7. Just like units, you can choose to re-roll the Treasure Dragon’s lineup for 1 gold. You must choose to keep all five bids or reroll the whole thing.

Developers’ note: The Treasure Dragon gives your end items more leeway to hit those big power spikes you set up. Being able to more consistently complete your dream build adds a ton of power to TFT, so we’ll be keeping a close eye on how the Treasure Dragon will impact the meta. If the benevolent Dragon grants your perfect items too regularly, we will increase their rates to refresh or adjust their bid ratings, and if their cost of 1 gold is too high for your miserly pockets, we will increase the value of their bids . Either way, we’re excited to see how you’re enjoying this new risk versus reward moment!

Dragonlands Dragons

Dragons is TFT’s strongest trait to date. Much like the Colossus from the previous set, they require two unit slots. They also cost twice as much gold as units of the same rarity. However, they are far more powerful than the colossi of old. Each dragon contributes three of its original trait count and has plenty of health bonuses. Their trait can be activated with a single Dragon unit. During PvE rounds, you have a chance to get lucky and get a Dragon Orb which grants an 8 cost Dragon.

Shyvana: Dragon Ragewing Shapeshifter

Shyvana starts out in human form, so she needs to recharge in that form. After finishing charging, Shyvana will dive, dealing magic damage and stunning enemy units. As a true Dragon, his spell becomes Flame Breath. While diving, she will get rid of any aggression, but enemy units will target her again after the dive bomb.

Developers’ note: Give her a tank item to balance out those damage items so she can keep blazing!

Ao Shin: Dragon Storm

Ao Shin harnesses the power of lightning orbs to rain down on the enemy with the highest health percentage. This spell doesn’t care about range, but it takes a while to recharge. Having a Spear of Shojin on Ao Shin would be ideal to cast the spell faster. Ao Shin is a 10 gold legendary unit, but it’s worth it.

As a Dragon, Ao Shin alone can activate the Storm trait. This creates a thunderbolt nine seconds into combat that stuns and damages all enemies and increases the attack speed of all Tempest units.

Aurelion Sol: evoker of the astral dragon

Aurelion Sol is a 10 cost dragon, and your Astral comp will (no pun intended) revolve around him. His ability summons a black hole for 2 seconds under a random enemy, which then explodes, dealing damage and reducing their attack damage for a short time. Each time Aurelion Sol casts this ability, the black hole increases in size and damage.

Draconic Augmentations

Dragonlands will retain augments, this time now called Dragon Augments. Significant changes have been made to augments, playstyles, spawn order, and power level to keep the mechanic fresh.

Dragon Boosts will appear in stages 2-1, 3-2, and 4-2.

Increase in raises

Once per game, you can re-roll your Dragon Rise selections. No more picking a mediocre raise for your comp, but you still have to choose when to get your one-time raise. Rerolls will also give players more chances to discover the new Draconic Augments.

Balance increase scales

Many changes have been made to augment balancing from Gizmos & Gadgets.

Developer’s Note: We’ve improved to make buff offers and power levels more logical. But in balancing the augments, we raised the power base of the augments a bit too high. There was a little power inflation with the augments. For example, Rich get Richer, which allows you to earn up to 7 gold interest, previously gave 10 gold, but now gives 14. We also believe that boosts like currently give too much power. Some of our augments are just a bit too impactful right now, so in addition to making sure each level of augment feels relatively even in power, we’re going to give the augments a minor power deflation.

Big brain increases

Many new Augments require creativity and a big brain. The TFT team has gotten much more creative in coming up with thought-provoking augments, and many of them are actually intriguing.

Developer’s note: A lot of our feedback on the augments was about how they felt pretty similar. Many players felt that a lot of the upgrades just didn’t require you to increase your playstyle, and that’s just not true to the name. So with Dragonlands, we’re focusing on improvements that pose big gameplay questions that you need to answer. And after a whole slew of practice with our first iteration of upgrades, we think you’re ready for some of our new dynamic upgrades below:

  • Encumbered Mind: If your bench is full at the end of a turn, gain 5 experience points.
  • Expert Gadget: Items deal much more damage than true damage. Win a Statikk knife.
  • Pandora’s Bench: At the start of each turn, the champions in your 3 rightmost bench slots transform into random champions of the same cost. Note that since Dragons have unique costs, they will always re-roll to other Dragons.
  • Cruel Pact: Buying XP costs health instead of gold.

Trait Enhancements

Augments that directly buff traits have been removed or reworked to make it less obvious that you’re taking buffs.

Developers’ note: If you’re offered So Small, Shrug it Off, Sharpshooter, or Irresistible Charm, you’d almost always take those boosts if you were using Yordles, Bruisers, Twinshot, or Debonair respectively. With our new trait-enhancing draconic augments, you won’t take them just because you use the trait, and when you do take them, you’ll need to adjust your playstyle to suit them. Check out some examples below:

  • Personal Trainer: If a unit starts the fight next to a Bruiser, it permanently gains health.
  • Eye of the Storm: An upgraded hex appears in the center of your board. Units in the hex gain strength. When Tempest’s lightning strikes, this bonus triples!
  • Party favors: at the end of the fight, gain 1 gold for every 6 firecrackers thrown. Plus, win a special prize the first time a total of 100 firecrackers are thrown.
  • Devastating Charge: Horsemen deal damage equal to a portion of their armor and magic resist when charging!

These draconic augments allow more room and creativity in your augment choices while affecting your units in a much better way than some of the older augments.

Teamfight Tactics Dragonlands is currently available with patch 12.11. For more gaming news, click here.

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