Det. from the Bronx. provides insight into the tactics used by gangs in New York City

NEW YORK (1010 VICTORIES) — During a barrage of violent shootings, a 27-year-old NYPD veteran said gang members became savvy about the law.

“[An] the individual will say “Tommy was locked up for a gun and he’s back,” Detective Rick Simplicio, a board member for the Detectives Endowment Association, told 1010 WINS. [charge] and he’s back. OK, well, that’s good to know.'”

Simplicio, who has direct experience investigating gun violence for 10 years in the Bronx’s 40th Ward, said gang members have also fueled a spike in shootings.

“We take several police stations, we do an average of 60, 70 shootings a year,” he said. “These are just non-fatal shootings.” Thirteen people were shot dead at the Simplicio compound last year, with gangs ‘even looking for individuals’ to target.

According to the seasoned sleuth, gang members will carry out these ‘ops’ or ops to go after their rivals and post their ‘exercise summaries’ on social media, where members will frequently brag about who they are looking for. or have spotted. .

“They’re going to live,” Simplicio said. “They’ll walk into another person’s territory and say, ‘We’re here, where are you? If you had the slightest courage… you had better come’.”

He argues that this challenge cannot be ignored.

“They are literally living in a war zone because anytime these kids see each other, they pull out the guns and shoot at each other,” Simplicio added.

According to Simplicio, the city is currently witnessing innocent people caught in the crossfire of reprisals.

DEA Chairman Paul DiGiacomo argues that laws must be changed to protect innocent victims and their families caught up in these shootings.

“You’re not just a victim that day, you carry that burden with you the rest of your life,” he said.

DiGiacomo said detectives have recovered more than 8,000 firearms over the past two years and repeat violent offenders have been arrested.

The pair also discussed the use of family court for young offenders found in possession of a gun, as well as the need for bail reform as one of many needed changes.

As the New York Legislature on Monday passed a budget extension to keep the government in office until Thursday, bail reform would be one of many issues plaguing the final passage of the $216 billion budget. – expected last Friday.

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