Dave Roberts calls out the giants for their cheating tactics

Every Dodgers-Giants game is must-watch TV. Over the past few seasons, the two teams have consistently delivered the drama of baseball’s best rivalry. Thursday night, the Dodgers won in spectacular fashion on a late comeback after giving up a five-point lead. Friday night’s game was another bitter game, with Cody Bellinger hitting a grand slam that sent Dodger Stadium into a frenzy. But earlier in the game, manager Dave Roberts and his team caught the Giants stealing signs.

After just four pitches in the game, Doc sent pitching coach Mark Prior to the mound after noticing that Giants first baseman coach and slugger Austin Slater appeared to be relaying signals between starter Tyler Anderson and catcher Will. Smith.

The umpires regrouped after Roberts accused the first baseman coach of stepping out of his coaches box in an attempt to signal to Giants batters. Coach Antoan Richardson was sent back to his box and play continued after Prior advised Anderson to ensure his glove covered the ball more fully.

The quirk in the game wasn’t fully explained until the postgame press conference following the Dodgers’ 5-1 win.

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