Coaches team up to create a pathway for young baseball players

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) — In 2015, Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred launched the sport Play ball youth initiative.

The aim was to reverse the downward trend in youth participation.

A clinic was held Saturday to help build community and communication from tee-ball to college baseball.

The event was held at Lee County High School(WALB)

“We want to make sure that coaches in this field have the resources to be successful and that the baseball field is teaching the game the right way,” said Scot Hemmings, head baseball coach at Washington State University. ‘Albany.

Head baseball coach at Lee County High School, Brian Trivette appreciates Hemmings for the initiative to help organize this type of event.

“It’s so important to our community with baseball and any community across the country to have communication and a connection between youth, recreational baseball through the high school curriculum and into local colleges. Working together is fantastic and can help build community,” Trivette said.

This clinic will be much more than a one-time event.

ASU Head Coach Scot Hemmings Hosts Coaching Clinic
ASU Head Coach Scot Hemmings Hosts Coaching Clinic(WALB)

“We are going to do more in the winter and fall and spread the knowledge. We have a clinic every November, we bring in great speakers. We just want to make sure coaches in this area have the resources to be successful,” says Hemmings.

They also went over the essentials of being a coach at the clinic.

“How to run a practice, some basic hitting drills. Basic for mentors to deal with parents, just basic stuff just to give them a little advice,” says Trivette.

Coaches believe that recreational baseball with youth is an essential tool in teaching youth the game.

“I believe recreational baseball is one component, a huge component to making your kid better. You can take a great travel ball kid and bring them into our program and teach them things like confidence. You can teach them things like leadership,” says Jamie Knight.

“Even take a kid who hits the nine holes of a good quality travel ball team and put him on the three together here and play baseball and let him start leading the others,” he said. he adds.

Feb. 5 will be the last day to register for youth baseball in Lee County.

To register your child, click on here.

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