Coaches pick 2022 pre-season favorite, top 6

The Nebraska Cornhuskers were Big Ten champions in 2021. B1G coaches like the Huskers to repeat in 2022.

Nebraska is No. 1 in the conference’s top 6 coaching preseason, released Thursday. The Huskers are followed by Michigan, Iowa, Maryland, Ohio State and Indiana.

Rank Crew
1 Nebraska
2 Michigan
3 Iowa
4 Maryland
5 ohio state
6 Indiana

It’s no surprise that Nebraska topped the preseason coaching poll. The Huskers enter the season as the highest-ranked team in B1G with a preseason ranking of No. 20 by Baseball America, No. 22 by Perfect Game and No. 25 by the National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association (NCBWA). ).

The 2022 B1G baseball season opens Friday. Conference coaches named 3 students from their own teams to a preseason honors list, below:

Branden Comia, SS, Jr., Ill.
Justin Janas, INF, Jr., Illinois
Cole Kirschsieper, LHP, Jr., Ill.
Matthew Ellis, C, Jr., Indiana
Phillip Glasser, SS, Jr., Indiana
John-Biagio Modugno, RHP, Jr., Indiana
Adam Mazur, RHP, So., Iowa
Dylan Nedved, RHP, Sr., Iowa
Peyton Williams, 1B, So., Iowa
Chris Alleyne, RHP, Sr., Maryland
Nick Dean, RHP, Jr., Maryland
Matt Shaw, INF, So., Maryland
Ted Burton, INF, Jr., Michigan
Clark Elliott, OF, Jr., Michigan
Cam Weston, RHP, Jr., Michigan
Trent Farquhar, 2B, So., Michigan State
Mitch Jebb, SS, So., Michigan State
Zaid Walker, OF, Jr., Michigan State
Sam Ireland, RHP/OF, Jr., Minnesota
Chase Stanke, C, Sr., Minnesota
Ronald Sweeny, 1B, father, Minnesota
Max Anderson, 3B, So., Nebraska
Kyle Perry, LHP, Sr., Nebraska
Shay Schanaman, RHP, Sr., Nebraska
Anthony Calarco, INF, Sr., Northwest
Michael Doherty, RHP, Sr., Northwest
Stephen Hrustich, C/INF, Jr., Northwest
TJ Brock, RHP, Sr., Ohio State
Zach Dezenzo, SS, Sr., Ohio State
Ethan Hammerberg, RHP, Jr., Ohio State
Travis Luensmann, RHP, So., Penn State
Johnny Piacentino, DE, Jr., Penn State
Matt Wood, C, Jr., Penn State
Mike Bolton, OF, Jr., Purdue
Paul Toetz, INF, So., Purdue
Wyatt Wendall, RHP, Jr., Purdue
Chris Brito, INF, Jr., Rutgers
Mike Nyisztor, OF/INF, Sr., Rutgers
Dale Stanavich, LHP, Jr., Rutgers

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