Bill Hilts Jr .: Crossbow Season Opening Tips, Tactics & Updates | Outside

Current crossbow specifications have been in place for several years in New York. Many believe that industry standards have changed and it is time to update the requirement. For example, a crossbow should have compound or curved limbs with a minimum width of 17 inches, a minimum overall length of 24 inches from the butt of the butt to the front of the limbs. It must be able to throw an arrow / bolt at least 14 inches long, with a minimum / maximum draw weight of 100 to 200 pounds.

If you hunt with a crossbow and obtained your Hunter Safety Certification on or after April 1, 2014, you are good to go. Otherwise, you must complete the Crossbow Qualification Certificate form on page 23 of the Hunting Regulations Guide and have it with you when you are on the ground.

If you plan to use a crossbow during archery or muzzleloading seasons, you must have a muzzleloader tag / privilege in addition to a regular hunting license. An archery privilege does not allow you to use a crossbow.

Jeff Pippard of Niagara Outdoors in North Tonawanda sent a list of last minute tips before heading out with your crossbow:

“Check all twine and cable for separation or excessive wear, wax the strings and apply lubricant to your cable slide and flight rail,” he said. “Check your trigger box for any obstruction or corrosion, and check the boom retainer to make sure it is functioning properly.”

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