Alabama Baseball Coaches Association All-Star Event Returns To Troy

TROY, Alabama (WSFA) – Eight teams made up of the state’s top baseball players gathered at Troy University this week in hopes of showing off their skills on the diamond at the 22nd annual All-Star event ‘Alabama Baseball Coaches Association.

“This is the university event, 2022 and 2023 kids across the state,” said ABCA executive director Barry Dean. “I have about 140 here and I’m just excited to see them in front of the college coaches.”

The players worked directly with college coaches while learning more about recruiting, enrollment and college education.(Source: WSFA 12 News)

The event has a history of helping players advance their diamond careers, including notable names like Tyler Stovall and Ethan Wilson. In addition to being exposed to varsity scouts, the All-Star event also prepares young players for varsity track and field.

“It’s always been the mission to make these kids see affordable,” Dean said. “Now it’s kind of become a camp off the pitch. There is a varsity trainer in the dugout with them in the game and their high school trainer. It’s a bit unique. So it’s a once in a lifetime event and when the kids come here and the parents come here, they really love it.

“You can hear different opinions from coaches saying what they like, what they don’t like, what you need to work on and just meet new people and have fun like I said before,” he said. added Stanhope Elmore junior rising Chase Williams.

The three-day event aims to showcase the talents of each player and includes traditional batting drills and games, as well as information sessions on recruiting, registration and academics.

Players say it’s an easy and useful way to get better at baseball.

“Coaches tell me what my weakest points are and what my strongest points are and what I need to improve on, and just play baseball,” said Williams. “Have fun, relax and ask questions if you need to. “

The showcase will run until Thursday.

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