91 Express Lanes toll lawsuit reaches $ 41 million settlement

More than a million motorists who have received toll penalties on certain California toll roads, including the 91 Express Lanes, may get some of that money back after toll collectors reach a settlement under the ‘a class action.

On April 12, the Orange County Transportation Authority reached a settlement worth $ 41 million in a lawsuit accusing the agency of illegally sharing personally identifiable information about motorists on the 91 Express Lanes. Of that money, $ 40 million will be spent on canceled penalties. The remaining million dollars will be used to pay cash compensation to some plaintiffs.

According to court documents, the regulation affects anyone whose personally identifiable information, including the date, time and location of a toll transaction, has been sent to a third party for the purpose of collecting a toll incurred on the 91 expressways.

Motorists who have received toll penalties will see each penalty reduced to a maximum of $ 100, plus an additional reduction of $ 40.

For example, if a motorist has suffered 10 toll violations worth $ 1,810 ($ 100 for the first violation, $ 150 for the second violation and up to $ 195 for each successive violation), this debt will be reduced. to $ 1,000 (the 10 offenses reduced to $ 100 each). With the $ 40 per violation subtracted, the motorist owes only $ 960 instead of $ 1,810 of the 91 Express Lanes toll violations.

In November, the Transport Corridor Agency and 3M reached a settlement in the same lawsuit valued at nearly $ 176 million. This regulation concerns motorists who have suffered toll violations on national roads 73, 133, 241 and 261.

If both settlements are approved, that will end a dispute that has lasted more than five years. The class action lawsuit was filed in California federal district court in February 2016. The plaintiffs accuse toll road authorities of inappropriately providing personally identifiable information about toll road users to dozens of third parties . California State law prohibits such distribution of personal information. Members of the group also allege that the toll agencies imposed excessive fines and violated due process. LL

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