2022 MCAC Baseball Coaches Survey and Overview

College of Minnesota Athletic Conference

2022 Baseball Survey and Preview

North Division

MCAC North No. 1

Itasca Community College

The head coach: Justin Lamppa, 25 at Itasca Community College

Overall record: 626-383

Supervisors : Chris Brown, pitching coach; John Olson, first baseman coach; Mike Gebart, Bench Coach

Best Returning Players:

Dawson Stevens, Perham, MN, 1B/P

Cade Marquardt, Litchfield, MN, C/OF

Daniel Wensloff, Roseau, MN, OF/P

Riley Resnick, Twin Valley, MN, 1B/P

Jack Dommeyer, Cannon Falls, MN, 1B

Top entrants/new players:

Kodi Miller, Grand Rapids, MN, C/OF

Avery Lietsman, Litchfield, MN, P/SS

Jackson Bonneville, Ashland, WI, SS

Comments from Coach Lamppa: “With 13 sophomores, we should have good leadership.”

MCAC North No. 2

Vermilion Community College

The head coach: Tom Coombe, 5 years old at Vermilion Community College

Overall record: 38-57

Supervisors : Cody Leslie, assistant coach; Mike Pope, Assistant Coach

Best returning players:

Ryan Kling, New Richmond, WI, P/SS

Jacob Worley, Ocoee, FL, P/1B/RF

Terron Sugita, Anchorage, AK, 3B/1B

Graham Porter, Portland, OR, C/OF

Cameron Peterson, Callahan, FL, CF/P

Top entrants/new players:

Dillon Eden, Elko, NV, P/OF

Zach Cheney, cook, MN, SS/3B/P

Michael Feralio, Billings, Montana, 1B

Comments from Coach Coombe: “We believe we have a strong core from a team that won 20 games last spring and reached the regional playoffs. That core includes some strong starting pitchers and five of our top seven hitters. If our freshmen can step in and contribute, we hope to compete again in the division and for a spot in the regional playoffs.Throwing depth and defense will be two keys to our season.

MCAC North No. 3

Rainy River Community College

The head coach: Josh Koenig, 13 at Rainy River Community College

Overall record: 181-252

Supervisors : Matt Buller, assistant coach; Riley Acra, assistant coach; TD Hostikka, assistant coach

Best returning and incoming players:

John Michael Gonzalez, Tucson, AZ, DE

Emilio Gonzalez, Tucson, Arizona, RHP

Mateo Sierras, Tucson, Arizona, INF/RHP/C

Kenyata Diamond, Arizona City, Arizona, INF/OF

Jean Rivera, Ruskin, Florida, INF/OF/RHP

Top entrants/new players:

Macray Ellis, Moab, UT, INF/RHP

Ethan Bergen, Phoenix, Arizona, OF/LHP

Juan Alcoverde, Tucson, Arizona, RHP

Comments from Coach Koenig: “We look forward to a fun and exciting season with a strong group of returning players as well as a good group of new players working together to defend their 2021 MCAC North Division Championship.”

CACM North No. 4

Hibbing Community College

The Head Coach: Bob DeNucci, 3 years old at Hibbing Community College

General assessment: 14-34

Supervisors : None

Best returning players:

Hunter Herpel, Mayville, WI, OF

Robert Rodriguez, Splendora, TX, 1B

Carter Pickard, Fort Wayne, IN, 3B

Ryan Vondracek, Cedar Rapids, RN, LHP

Ariel Gonzalez, Guaynabo, PR, SS

Top entrants/new players:

Diego Escamilla, Aguascalientes, MX, C

Zeke Walton, Olivia, MN, RHP/OF

Noah Vilarreal, Bonner Springs, KS, INF

Comments from Coach DeNucci: “We are returning two players from all regions to Herpel and Rodriguez, but we will need to improve on the pitching side to compete in an evolving North Division.”

MCAC North No. 5

Mesabi Range College

The Head Coach: Chris Vito, 6 years at Mesabi Range College

Overall record: 36-107

Supervisors : Dave Kunz, assistant coach; Tom Norman, assistant coach; Jesse Bennett, Administrative Assistant; Brad Kern, athletic trainer

Best Returning Players:

Dawson Tweet, Russell, MB, 2B/C

Jackson Bode, Courtland, MN, C/SS

Gabriel Soto, Tucson, Arizona, RHP/IF

Max Grundhofer, Cologne, MN, 1B/C

Cole Meyer, Hoyt Lakes, MN, DE

Top entrants/new players:

Brandon Lind, Iron, MN, LHP/OF/1B

Nick Peters, Britt, MN, SS

Tom Nemanich, Eveleth, MN, 1B/RHP

Comments from Coach Vito: “We are delighted to build on the momentum from last season. We are looking to finish the close games and are delighted with our second leadership.”

MCAC North No. 6

Northland Community and Technical College

The Head Coach: Rich Loomis, 1 year at Northland Community & Technical College

Overall record: 0-0

Supervisors : Easton Lopez, assistant coach; Terry Wiseth, Volunteer Assistant Coach

Best Returning Players:

Carter Anderson, Petersburg, ND, P

Aaron Bruggeman, Thief River Falls, MN, DE

Joseph Lopez, San Antonio, TX, P

Mel Robertson, Augusta, GA, P

Fred Landman, Red Lake Falls, MN, DE

Top entrants/new players:

Abel Rodriguez, Los Fresnos, Texas, INF

Keaden Kempert, Thief River Falls, MN, INF

Humberto Montemayor, San Antonio, TX, P

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