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The loan for OneCashe debt consolidation is called “Quick Cash Compact”, its goal is to refinance and then group together in a single monthly installment all the loans that you have accumulated over time and which now weigh heavily on your personal budget or balance sheet familiar.

Not only that, if the income allows it, it is possible, by increasing the number of installments, to have new liquidity for a project or for the purchase of a good or service you need. Interesting right? Well, then what do you say to start immediately to see all the details of this offer? Let’s begin!

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The first advantage, the purpose of OneCashe debt consolidation is that it allows you to group several monthly deadlines and enjoy the convenience of a single installment: this means more simplicity of managing the family budget and fewer tasks to manage, so perhaps you avoid having to go to the post office and make long lines to pay a simple bulletin.

Another important advantage is that the installment is fixed: there are no variations for the duration of the loan; those who want, on the other hand, have the right to request an additional amount and therefore new liquidity to be used for other projects. In short, with a single contact, a single payment term and a rounded installment amount, easy to remember and unchanged for the entire duration of the loan, OneCashe debt consolidation is decidedly convenient.

Main features

Going into more detail, with the OneCashe debt consolidation it is possible to request a loan for an amount between 2,000 and 50,000 USD.

Interest rates vary according to market conditions, but are generally in line with the competition. At the moment, for example, a loan of $ 15,000 repaid in 84 months has a fixed installment of $ 250.73 whose TAN is 9.90% while the APR is 10.80% – see screenshot below – but be careful, this data is not it includes the calculation of the percentage incidence of eventual insurance.

The installment, as mentioned, remains unchanged for the entire duration of the loan, as well as the interest rate: in short, a repayment without surprises or unpleasant unexpected events. As regards the duration, however, it ranges from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 10 years.

One of the strengths of OneCashe’s debt consolidation is the fact that the customer can apply for a completely personalized loan, studied and tailored according to his needs: both the amount and the duration depend on the installment chosen.

That’s not all: the method of calculating the estimate, in fact, allows you to take advantage of an installment with rounded numbers (for example, 200 USD, 300 USD, 450 USD and so on).

How to apply for the OneCashe debt consolidation loan

To request OneCashe debt consolidation it is necessary to go to a OneCashe branch carrying an identity document and the tax code, in addition to the income documentation, consisting of the last paycheck if you are an employee, the last pension slip if you are a pensioner or from the UNIQUE model if you are a freelancer. In addition, you must submit the documentation relating to the early repayment of the loan in the other institution.

Delivery and refund

The loan is disbursed with an automatic bank transfer for the amounts intended for consolidation; the transfer is made in favor of competing companies, on behalf of and on behalf of the customer.

For any sums requested in addition, the credit is made directly to the current account. OneCashe reserves the right, in any case, to ask the customer for a specific guarantee to protect the loan.

Finally, with regard to the conditions, it is good to reiterate that the reference rate remains unchanged for the entire duration of the loan, while the first installment is expected to recover the substitute tax (with related payment).

The repayment method provides for an automatic debit from the current account, with monthly installments. Pre-amortization is not foreseen, while amortization starts from the 30 days preceding the expiration of the first installment. The latter includes pre-amortization interest ranging from the day of disbursement to the day preceding the effective date of the plan.

The insurance policy

The loan with Quick Cash Compact can be combined with a Life / Non-life insurance policy, which is optional, the same provides that the loan is protected in the event of definitive events such as permanent total disability, serious illness or death, but also in the event of temporary events. such as job loss, hospitalization or temporary total disability. The policy premium is retained at the time of disbursement, in a single advance solution.


In conclusion, debt consolidation with OneCashe is an interesting financial product, it allows you to simplify the repayment of multiple loans by bringing them together in a single amount, according to methods that can also be customized or modified according to your needs.

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