Getting An Online Loans Is Easy As 1,2,3 – Payday Loans Online No Credit Check

Berger is a financial institution characterized by a large variety of products and putting on modern solutions. In its offer for individual clients, it offers two similar products: unsecured and secured mortgage. The first of them is definitely more customer-friendly and easier to obtain, which is why we will focus on it in our review.

No faxing, no paperwork, no hard credit checks, no worries: Online Payday Loans No Credit Check

The Payday Help in Texas allows you to combine payday loans into one liability. It also allows for the automatic repayment of liabilities in other banks. It allows refinancing of liabilities up to 180,000 gross. However, the maximum loan length you can apply for is from 3 to 96 months (8 years). A loan application can be submitted online or at a bank outlet. In addition, Berger does not require you to create an account, so you can get a loan to an account.

Advantages of the loan

The big advantage of the product offered by the bank is the possibility to obtain additional funds for any purpose. In this case, you can apply up to 100 percent of the balance of consolidated liabilities. This is particularly important for people who have liabilities in non-bank institutions. The advantage of this product is also a fairly low actual annual interest rate, which starts from 10.34%. There is also the possibility of buying an additional insurance for this loan, thanks to it you can get a lower interest rate.

Credit defects

The bank provides quite scarce information about your product, most of them will probably be learned only after submitting the application. There is also no data on the preferred sources of income: can only the persons who have a contract of employment application for this loan, or if it is also received by clients working under civil law contracts. The disadvantage is also a relatively small number of banking products that can be consolidated using this product.

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